Digital Entrepreneurship Strategies

Digital entrepreneurship is the creation of business models that are powered by the internet. It isn’t dependent on a specific location and uses smartphones, laptops, and the internet to sell products and services, like e-books. Its official website growth has reduced the size of the world and has opened new opportunities for business. It has also made traditional businesses more digital in order to keep their customers and expand beyond their physical location.

To create and sustain a profitable internet-powered business model, digital entrepreneurs must have a range of strategies. These strategies include the use of business models that are scalable as well as strategic networking and partnerships as well as effective communication and leadership. Digital entrepreneurs must also possess an unperturbed perspective and be able of overcoming roadblocks.

In the process of creating and deploying a scalable digital artifact, the digital entrepreneur must be able recognize an acceptable value proposition (VP). Typically, this means being aware of and capitalizing on disruptive VPs that could transform existing business practices into digital business models, or even create new ones entirely. Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber are examples of digital entrepreneurs who have taken this approach.

The case study methodology is an appropriate research design to study digital business. This is because it allows the investigation of real-world events and can aid in answering the ‘What’ and ‘How’ questions.

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